Sophie Coleman World Junior Duathlete Champion
18th Sep 2010
Bala Tri and National Sprint Champs

Last weekend there was a campervan full of Colemans that made the trip to Wales for the Bala Standard Distance Triathlon. It was to be a pretty successful weekend all round with sis taking first spot in the U20 and Mum taking 2nd ...

7th Sep 2010
a quick blog from a wee happy world champ

I’ve figured either Edinburgh is a very lucky city for me or my holiday/training camp/rehab in the Alps actually worked! Maybe a combination of the two but either way I am a wee happy lass at the moment with a third consecutive world ...

23rd Jul 2010
Pursuit of happiness

I thought it was about time I broke my blogging silence. The longer I leave it the less likely I am to write anything comprehensible (let alone grammatically correct) so here goes...The best way to sum up the past few months is by ...

3rd May 2010
Race debrief

So it wasnt quite the debut race of the season I would have liked. I didnt go into the race with high exectations but I’m dissapointed to come away with fourth. My preperation was not ideal as I’d been unable to get much ...

28th Apr 2010
Travel to European Duathlon

I have arrived in France, Nancy for the European Duathlon this weekend. It’s my first international championship as an U23 and of 2010 so I’m not going into the race with too much expectation.  Just going to hope the legs feel good and ...

24th Apr 2010
Majorca Training Camp

I’ve just returned from a 10 day training camp out in Majorca. We were lucky to catch one of the last flights out of Gatwick before the volcanic ash chaos began and by the time we were due to fly home flights had ...

16th Mar 2010
Adventures, geeky behaviour and racing (soon)

This past month has been non-stop training, painting, training, college, training, painting (eat, sleep, breathe) and a severe lack of blogging and some emotional wear and tear. Starting on a positive note I got into university to study Sport and Exercise Science. On a less positive ...

15th Feb 2010
Cough cough

So I'm booked in to see the Dr. today because that cough I mentioned in my last blog is STILL hanging around. After I got back from France I took a few easy days of training to try and get back to being 100% healthy. ...

1st Feb 2010
Training and race season plans

I was about to say no illness or injury to report  and training is great but then I went and ran into a bench last week and I’ve started coughing up all sorts this week! If I ignore that then training has been all ...

3rd Jan 2010
First blog of 2010

I think updating my blog has been on my ‘to do’ list for the past few weeks but what with training camps, Christmas and New Year, paintings and college work to be done alongside just generally trying to sort my life out, getting ...

18th Nov 2009
Winter training 2009-2010 has commenced!

The signs of training...achy legs, tight muscles and not to mention the odd moody/tired moments! Check, check and check...confirmation that I am back and the winter slog has started! After my trip to New York I felt ready to get back to being ...

25th Oct 2009
an end of season break wouldnt be complete without a marathon!

So my first end of season treat was the cake...the second was an adventure race which I did with my parents on the South Downs last weekend. SO much fun!! It involved two hours running followed by three hours moutain biking and to ...

5th Oct 2009
End of season

I wrote my last blog in the States from my hotel room the night before the World Duathlon and I’m writing now from the airport in France (where I have managed to mistake my flight time for 1.30 instead of 3...still I guess ...

24th Sep 2009
Hi from Concord!

Arrived all safe and sound in Concord and getting ready for the race. It's pretty hot out here at the moment..humidty levels were something like 73% today so it's sweaty business! We are all settled in our hotel with the food supplies in ...

18th Sep 2009
Off to the U.S for World Duathlon Champs

The season is not quite over yet and I’ve been continuing my international race schedule with the Brighton Esporta Health club triathlon last weekend following on from the Southwater Relays! It was a very well organised event and I would recommend it for ...

9th Sep 2009
Keen as Mustard cut it with 1st place @ Southwater Relays!

At the weekend it was the Southwater Relays where teams of three all race over 400m open water, 11miles bike and 5k run. I was part of the dream team that was the Coleman family. My mum took the first leg, my sister ...

1st Sep 2009
Finished up a terrible week with a good result in Paris

After feeling totally flat and drained in training all week I can't say I was feeling 100% confident going to Paris. As always I was going to give it my best shot but I'd felt dreadful in all my race prep sets. However ...

25th Aug 2009
French Grand Prix Series, Paris

Next up on the race calendar is the French Grand Prix Series, this time in Paris. I'm still feeling rather a lot of anger and resentment (see previous blog and you can guess why) and so racing is probably the best way for me to chanel ...

16th Aug 2009
British National Junior Champion 2009 :D

Feeling tired but it's a good feeling after winning the British Junior National Champs today in Hyde Park. I went into the race with the aim to win and new I would have been disappointed with anything less. I had an ok swim ...

10th Aug 2009
General stuff!

It was nice to have a weekend off racing as it gave me the chance to put in some decent training sessions ahead of the National Champs this coming Sunday and as the coach was away the athlete could play! Haha no just ...

2nd Aug 2009
First Olympic race in the bag.

As I was hotel less and needed somewhere to stay overnight in London we decided the easiest thing to do was get a 23ft camper van and park up in the car park...okay well maybe we didn’t buy a camper just for this ...

30th Jul 2009
Run up to London Triathlon

As I haven’t been on top blogging form here is a quick rundown of what I’ve been up to since the Euro Champs. First off was a mini training camp/holiday. I left Holland at 6am and after a monster day of travel, I ...

13th Jul 2009
Europeans race de-brief!

After arriving in Holten I spent the next couple of days in the lead up to the race checking out the course. Whilst driving through Holland you can’t help but notice the country is as flat as a pancake so to discover the ...

2nd Jul 2009
Travel to Europeans

I am sitting in the car half way through my road trip to Holland at the mo but currently sitting in traffic in Belgium going nowhere very fast! Fiona Jamie has joined us in the team bus and is currently up front manning ...

30th Jun 2009
3k @ Bedford

It was hot hot hot on Sunday for the 3k. Legs felt ok but not 100% fresh so to run 9.27 in the high temps and equalling the PB I set a few weeks back at the Sussex Champs wasn’t too bad. I ...

29th Jun 2009
Thanks tri-store!

Thankyou to the tri-store for sorting me out with a fab new Cervelo, race shoes and Blue Seventy Helix wetsuit :D

24th Jun 2009
Countdown to Euros

Time seems to have flown by and it's now only 10 days until Europeans! I'm still training hard this week rounding off with the 3k on Sunday and then the taper will begin... I travel to Holland next Thursday and the race is first ...

17th Jun 2009
French Grand Prix Series, Race no. 2

 I'd had a minor foot problem at the start of last week which prevented me from doing my usual training but by Friday I was up and running about like norm. This meant I was on another road trip next door to France for the 2nd race ...

7th Jun 2009
1st Junior at Blenheim Tri

Not a bad days work up at Blenheim Palace this w/knd in what was British monsoon weather! Thankfully no wind but all signs of the lovely summer sunshine we had all week faded into a distant memory as the heavens well and truly ...

26th May 2009
First Series Race of FGP

Bonjour!After a rather stressful journey I made it to France and quickly re-confirmed that my ability to speak French is nul! Tres mauvais infact!! I also realised I had no idea where I was going as my Sat Nav was GB and Ireland only. ...

19th May 2009
Off to Dunquerque this weekend for FGP

Wooo had a PB set this morning!!! 20 x 100m off 2min..not a mentally long set but the idea is to bust a gut on each and every one...pain fest! Anyway I held lower times for the set than I have before which is a good little confidence ...

13th May 2009
nice surprise!

Turns out the 3000m time I ran at the weekend actually meets the qualification standard set for European Juniors! Team selection is based on performances over the next month and the officaial Trials are in Bedford at the U20 Champs. As I had ...

11th May 2009
3k PB at track champs

Good run yesterday up in Crawley. Conditions were a bit breezy but the sun was shinning and there were probably birds singing somewhere! I had a good feeling about the race and was looking forward to seeing what I could manage over 3000m. ...

7th May 2009
Sussex Track Champs

   Next up on the calendar is a chance for me to give the legs a bit of a stretch out. It’s the Sussex Track Champs up in Crawley where I am entered to race both the 1500m and 3000m. Obviously I won’t ...

28th Apr 2009
Pendulum running and National Duathlon

    I read a very interesting case study this week about the recent domination of Kenyan runners in endurance events. It concluded that genetics were not the key to their success and after reading it my own opinion is that one of the ...

20th Apr 2009
10k of kicking later...

Well it’s been a successful return to normal training so far. Looking a bit scabby (road rash still hasn’t quite healed up) but not feeling too shabby! Think I may have added to my collection of scars. I prefer to refer to these ...

14th Apr 2009
Crash outta camp

   It’s been an eventful few days...guess i’d better start with my arrival at the development camp in Aldershot. Pulled into the accom to see a sign that said the terrorist threat level was ‘heightened’ but I wasn’t issued with a rifle at ...

30th Mar 2009
The 2009 season draws near

   With the clocks going forward, running around in ONLY one layer and finding the need (and excuse) to don my huge sunnies I’m hoping this means winter is finally over! Things start to hot up (excuse the pun) as with the start ...

12th Mar 2009
Training, training and more training :)

As soon as I was through my door after travelling back from the race in Nottingham, I was back out again minutes later (dragging Yas along with me for company!), headed to the pool for a recovery 1hr swim and cheeky 5min in ...

9th Mar 2009
Things don't always go to plan..

Last weekend I raced in Nottingham at the World XC Trials. My previous race at the National XC Champs and training over the past few weeks had me feeling confident that with a good performance I was in for a chance of making the ...

4th Mar 2009
Running and acrobatics at Parliament Hill

It’s been a good month of training with a decent performance at the Cross Country Nationals at Parliament Hill in London the weekend before last.  It’s one of my favourite places to race, well known for its long uphill drag at the start ...

9th Feb 2009
Next stop..Portugal, Lisbon!

Whilst out in Australia I recieved the news I had been selected to run for GB in an International Cross Country. I competed for England back in Febuary 2008 but this would be my first time wearing the GB vest in XC.After returning ...

18th Jan 2009
Race No.2, medal No.2!

Today was the last day of competition. Unlike yesterday where we competed individually over a 750m swim, 20 bike and 5k run course, today was a team relay where we each completed shorter distances of 300 swim, 10k bike and 3k run. Each ...

16th Jan 2009
One race down and a silver medal in the bag

It's been a very successful day today for the Team GB Triathlon team. In the woman's event I managed to pick up the silver medal followed by a Gold in the mens event from Jonathon Brownlee who gave a very impressive performance, dominating the ...

15th Jan 2009
Race preparation at the GB camp

We are now all set up in the GB holding camp about a 50min drive away from Sydney in Penrith. We are based here as our race is taking place at the regatta centre, where we will be swimming in the lake, and ...

11th Jan 2009
First week in Australia, training on the Gold Coast

On Jan 4th I arrived at Heathrow wearing my team kit and with my flight socks pulled up ready for a long weekend of travel. I was dreading the long flight out as I’m terrible at sitting around without anything to do, however ...

23rd Dec 2008
Return from Lanzarote Training Camp

I have now been home a few days since returning from my training camp in Lanzarote. It was a very good week where the main focus was on swimming and getting the miles in on the bike. There were pretty strong winds of ...

11th Dec 2008
The run up to the Australian Youth Olympic Festicval

It is the first year that triathlon has been invited to compete at the AYOF and I am very excited to be involved and part of the team. I can't wait to experience the atmosphere of such a large event and to meet all the ...