Sophie Coleman World Junior Duathlete Champion
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18th Nov 2009
Winter training 2009-2010 has commenced!

The signs of training...achy legs, tight muscles and not to mention the odd moody/tired moments! Check, check and check...confirmation that I am back and the winter slog has started! After my trip to New York I felt ready to get back to being (and looking) like an athlete and was eager to get stuck straight in. Of course as much as I wanted to train like a loony I had to exercise a little restraint as jumping back into a full training week is asking for trouble.

My main aim over the next few months is to sort out my swimming technique. The plan is to cut back on the running and cycling (just keeping the legs ticking over) so that I am able to really work when I’m in the pool. I’m doing a huge amount of technique work and can already feel it paying off. I know I’m only just getting back into shape and the initial improvements that result from fitness will come relatively quickly but all the same I’m feeling rather positive for the time being!

I’m back into the swing of things and loving it. I think one of the beauties of winter is that the pressure is off and you can just train and enjoy the sport for what it is...yes despite the weather! (Although I can't deny that I’m looking forward to a warm weather camp next month!)

British triathletes did so well in 2009 and I certainly believe in the saying that ‘success breeds success’. I was particularly inspired by Alistair’s achievements and by Chrissie Wellington who yet again dominated at Hawaii Ironman. Since watching the live coverage and following her race I will admit that I’ve had a change of heart towards going long in the future...something I’ve said in the past I’d only do once just to try and beat my mum’s time!

Anyway London 2012 is less than 1000 days away now so I’d better get back in that pool!