Sophie Coleman World Junior Duathlete Champion

Along with triathlon I have a passion for Art, a subject I studied at A-Level in which I gained a very high A grade. My initial plan after college had been to study Business Management at university, however, after making the decision to move away from home to live and train in Eastbourne, I decided to defer university so that I could focus 100% on Triathlon.

During my last year of college I had become very immersed in my Art work and often considered taking the subject further. With university off the cards I realised this was the perfect opportunity to pursue this path.

I am currently studying on a two year part-time art foundation course at a college in Eastbourne and now looking to try and support my Triathlon career by selling and commissioning some of my work. Please take a look at my art gallery and contact me if you have any enquiries or would like to make a purchase.